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Many teens and adults who need braces dread getting them. They just don’t like the way traditional braces look. And, in this age of social media, they don’t want to be flashing metallic smiles in their Facebook and Instagram pictures.

That’s why we specialize in clear orthodontic aligners from ClearCorrect. It’s very hard for people to notice these aligners so for many patients, they’re clearly ― no pun intended ― an ideal choice.

What Is ClearCorrect?

Imagine braces without wires, elastic bands, and brackets. In essence, that’s ClearCorrect. If you choose this system, we’ll make more than a dozen customized aligners for you. We’ll use photos of your mouth as well as dental impressions to ensure the perfect fit.

These plastic aligners are clear and comfortable, and they have smooth surfaces. You’d wear them just as you would a mouth guard. You might even feel like an athlete at first.

Now, these aligners aren’t completely invisible. When people are close to you, they’ll probably be able to spot them. At the same time, they’re much less noticeable than metal braces and they’re extremely difficult to see in photos or in person from a distance.

Wearing Aligners

We’ll let you know how often you should wear your aligners, but you can expect to have them on about 22 hours per day. The length of time for this kind of treatment varies. It might be a matter of months for you, but in some cases, it can take two or three years to complete.

Every two weeks or so, you’ll replace the aligner that you’ve been wearing. As time passes, your aligners will keep exerting light pressure on your teeth. As a result, they’ll eventually move your teeth into their proper positions.

Also, as is the case with metal braces, patients need to wear a retainer for a period of time once they’re finished with their ClearCorrect treatment.

A Clean, Healthy Mouth

For proper hygiene, you should always remove the aligner before you brush and floss, and you should clean the aligner regularly. Because you can remove your aligners before you start eating, you don’t have to worry about staining them. In fact, because food particles can’t get trapped in your aligners as they often do in metal braces, you’re less likely to get cavities, suffer from tooth decay, or experience other oral problems when you select ClearCorrect.

Finally, for many people, ClearCorrect costs less or about the same as other forms of orthodontic care, and some dental insurance plans cover it. For more information, please contact us at any time, or visit one of our offices.

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