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Whitening Treatments


Tooth whitening treatments are now the most widely used cosmetic dental treatment in the world. Whitening is used to help remove stains and discoloration from the teeth and to restore the natural beauty of your smile. When completed by a dentist or hygienist in an office setting, tooth whitening offers great results and is totally safe. These pain-free treatments take only a short amount of time and offer immediate results.

Why You Should Have Dr. Labib Complete In-Office Whitening

Many at-home tooth whitening products are available today. However, it’s a good idea to fully evaluate your options and talk to your dentist before deciding to do any at-home treatment. That’s because in-office whitening has many advantages including:

  • A high level of safety;
  • Quicker results than any other whitening treatment;
  • Less after-treatment sensitivity than at-home treatments; and
  • Guidance from a professional who can help you extend the results of your whitening treatment.

What Kind of Stains Can Tooth Whitening Remove?

In-office tooth whitening, also known as power whitening or power bleaching, is designed to remove a wide array of stains. These treatments have become incredibly popular because they target stains caused by:

  • Aging;
  • Tobacco use;
  • Red wine;
  • Coffee;
  • Tea;
  • Sodas and soft drinks; and
  • Very dark fruits and vegetables.

Are There Stains that Tooth Whitening Can’t Remove?

Like any dental procedure, in-office tooth whitening does have its limitations. Some stains, especially those that are cause by inorganic chemicals, generally can’t be removed with either in-office or at-home procedures. Individuals with stains caused by tetracycline antibiotic used during tooth development or by over exposure to fluoride are usually cautioned against having whitening treatments. Of course, staining caused by trauma to the teeth may also be impossible to remove.

Dr. Labib’s In-Office Whitening Process

While the steps can vary depending on the particular procedure you’re having, most whitening treatments follow the same course of action. Before whitening is performed, Dr. Labib will complete a thorough examination of your teeth to ensure that there isn’t any chipping, decay, or gum disease that might be irritated by bleaching.

If your initial exam goes well, you’ll be cleared for whitening. You may be able to have the procedure completed on the same day or may need to schedule a separate appointment. When you come in for tooth whitening, we will:

  • put a cheek retractor in your mouth to make it easy to access your teeth;
  • paint a liquid rubber dam onto the gums to prevent irritation;
  • apply a bleaching gel that contains hydrogen peroxide;
  • suction or wash off the bleaching gel after 15 to 30 minutes;
  • check to see how well the teeth have whitened;
  • apply another coat of gel as needed and repeat the washing procedure;
  • remove the cheek retractors;
  • have you rinse your mouth; and
  • measure the post-treatment shade of your teeth.

In some cases, Dr. Labib will also use an intense light to help enhance whitening.

Who Can Have Whitening Treatments?

Most healthy adults without major tooth or gum issues can have in-office whitening procedures completed without worry. However, Dr. Labib may recommend against whitening if your teeth have thinned due to age or if your teeth and gums are very sensitive. In these situations, you may be able to complete at-home treatments that he designs and supervises.

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